Dear Friend,

I am so happy you’re here.

Why? Because what makes my heart sing is you. Specifically, your irreplaceable and incredible magic. I am addicted to making art that only you can tell. You know the earth shaking, botanical, special, rare, raw, hilarious, uncomfortable, empowering, and outside of the box art. Art that the whole world needs to see and feel. Because I believe, that through art lies a powerful tool to transform our lives.

What if there was a way to birth self through art? To transform through creation? To cultivate through imagination?

For so long I walked through the world giving my power away and pushing my intuition to a place I could no longer hear. I cut off all my trust and love to the World. I picked a life that did not support my magnificence. I betrayed my soul over and over again. I gave into the idea and thought that I was not worth honoring. Through art I found my connection and magic to life again. I saw how honoring myself, honored the World.

This series was birthed from my own trauma, happiness, and personal understanding of how important it is to claim our power, our space in the world. Through knowing and comprehending my own worth, the Botanical Rise Sessions emerged.

I am so excited to offer these powerful sessions. They’re for everyone, at any stage of their life. They’re made to honor your magnificence and customized completely to you.

Most of the time it takes seeing, feeling, and experiencing something different then we know to believe we are worth claiming our unique and extremely important seat at the universal table of life. These sessions are dedicated to giving voice to you and your rise. A platform, for all folks to feel seen, heard, and remember that they’re MAGIC.

It is the greatest honor in the world to make your art, with you. ,