Theresa Bear lives a simple life.

Current Habitat: Portland, OR

Graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Photography (Otherwise known as The Hogwarts School of Photography).

She is a human with the last name of an animal she aspires to be. Her dog is named after the stars (Star) and her baby Oak is named after a tree. Her work, life, and understanding of the World is completely inspired by the magic of nature and the beauty of life on Earth. Her process is wild and messy and full of emotion. You will always see flowers in her work or pieces of nature. It is a theme that isn’t going away. She found her partner in crime over reading children's book. Knows we live for the people we love. Aspires to protect many pieces of nature. Believes in fairies and working hard. Finds dancing and taking long walks healing.

Her goal … to remind people that they’re an unstoppable force of magic.

Super Power: Wild and contagious Laughter

Favorite Sheroes: The female protagonists in her life.

Secret: Once spent her rent money to make the perfect power crown. Her partner, Ryan then put her on a monthly flower budget.

Another Secret: She never sticks to her flower budget.

Wants to create with you