Things about Mrs. Bear...

Current Habitat: Saint Paul, MN

Lives a simple life.

Graduated Rocky Mountain School of Photography (Otherwise known as The Hogwarts School of Photography).

Wishes for an endless cup of coffee. Learnt early that she has no right to judge anyone. Is on a journey. Wishes she lived in a house made of flowers. Waits all year to bee out with the wildflowers. Named her camera "beastafolio" (It's latin for beast). Found her partner in crime over reading children's book. Knows we live for the people we love. Aspires to protect many pieces of nature. Is a mama to Star (her dog child) and soon to be baby Oak. Believes in fairies and working hard. Finds dancing and watching guilty TV shows healing. Realizes growth brings needed change.

Super Power: Wild and contagious Laughter

Favorite Sheroes: The female protagonists in her life.

Secret: Once spent her rent money to make the perfect power crown. Her partner, Ryan then put her on a monthly flower budget.

Another Secret: She never sticks to her flower budget.

Wants to create with you!